Radio Dispatcher


A Priority 1 event appears on your channel, a serious crime or crisis—you immediately broadcast information out to the officers in the district. Driving to the scene, the officers are too busy to view details about the event on their mobile terminals. You are the “angel on their shoulders,” feeding them information, guiding and helping them throughout the crisis. If an officer needs information or resources, you are the one they call. And, when you need support, your fellow radio dispatchers are watching events on your channel and ready to help in an instant.


As a Radio Dispatcher, you are the hub of public safety: relaying information from 911 call takers, receiving direct communications from officers, interacting with other dispatchers, providing criminal record checks and other service requests. If you find excitement, multi-tasking, and assisting both the public and officers appealing, then, being a Radio Dispatcher may be the career for you. The flexible schedule accommodates your lifestyle needs, whether you have a family, go to school, or participate in organized activities.


Salary Range: $62,982.40 - $85,030.40



  • High school graduate, General Educational Development (GED) certificate or California Proficiency Certificate
  • One (1) year or 2080 hours of experience processing and/or dispatching calls in a radio dispatch or call center OR successful completion of high school and three (3) years of experience working in public contact experience
  • Police background check required



  • 4-day work week, 10 hours a day
  • Paid shift differential
  • Paid vacation and sick leave
  • Uniform allowance
  • Additional bilingual pay
  • Domestic partnership benefits
  • Federated Employees Retirement System


Make your SJPD career a reality

The 911 Call Taker application period varies and is set by the City of San José. Visit the City Jobs site for the City of San Jose and do a search on “Radio Dispatcher” or “SJPD Communications.”

San Jose Police Department

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