Police Data Specialist


A person wakes up, gets ready for work and walks outside only to discover that the car is missing. It has been stolen. He or she frantically calls 911. The call taker passes the information to the dispatcher who sends out an officer to take a stolen vehicle report. The officer calls the OSSD (Operations Support Services Division) unit, where a data specialist takes the report and enters it into the system so all units can be on the lookout for the stolen vehicle. When the vehicle is found, the data specialist is the person who relays the good news by phone and eventually handles the claim when person comes to the station.


As a Police Data Specialist, the entire department and other law enforcement agencies depend on your attention to detail, management and quick thinking to provide the necessary information to solve crimes and serve the public. Your tasks never become routine with units as diverse as Vehicle Records, Report Processing, Services and Communications, Warrants and Fingerprints. Entering and maintaining data are only part of your duties. You’re on the phone with officers, the district attorney’s office, other agencies and the public. And, when you need assistance, your team is there to help. As veteran data specialist Francisca Chavez commented, “I like that there’s always something to do, always something to learn … that’s why I didn’t go work elsewhere in the city, because, honestly, I thought that I would be bored.”


The Police Data Specialist—it’s more than filing cabinets and entering data.


Salary Ranges:

(Police Data Specialist I/II)

$46,384.00 - $63,668.80



  • High school graduate, General Educational Development (GED) certificate or California Proficiency Certificate
  • Attention to detail
  • No experience is necessary



  • Technical training on utilizing automated law enforcement information systems
  • Paid vacation and sick leave



Make your SJPD career a reality

The Police Data Specialist application period varies and is set by the City of San José. Visit the City Jobs site for the City of San Jose and do a search on “Police Data Specialist.”


The application window is now open from 9/12/2016 to 11/29/2016.  Click on the Search City Jobs button to locate the job posting.

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