The San Jose Police Department: serving and protecting a great city.



Opportunities • Training • Advancement

Your career in the San Jose Police Department provides numerous exciting and fulfilling opportunities. Serving a city with over 46 units (from homicide to crime scene to tactical negotiations to SWAT), the doors are open for you to do the type of work you want. The department’s premiere academy, training and supportive environment are the keys to your development and advancement.



Diversity • Dedication • Legacy

When you join the San Jose Police Department, you are part of a diverse team dedicated to serving a equally diverse community. Excellence, camaraderie and integrity have been the foundation of the department for over 160 years. You are part of a tradition that promotes public safety, encourages cross-communication in the department and uses a multidisciplinary approach to problem solving.



Involvement • Fulfillment • Communication

As a member of the San Jose Police Department, you work in the third largest city in California. Over one million people make up this exciting city, and the department encourages you to get involved in the community both on duty and outside your day-to-day job. Your work on the team is more fulfilling and creates a safer city.



Support • Team Spirit • Respect

All members of the San Jose Police Department work in an environment of mutual support and respect. Communication is key to unity within the team as well as with the citizenry. Your highly knowledgeable colleagues are willing to share and nurture your development. There is a mutual respect that bonds the department. As Assistant Chief of Police Dave Knopf said in a recent interview, “We’re all family here.”




The following tiles are a collection of articles about various career opportunities and programs within the San Jose Police Department.  These brief articles may be helpful to gain a better insight to the Department in preparation for a career with the SJPD.

SJPD Academy 27
The First Day

Fit for Life
Lifestyle Changes

Police Officers
Guardians of the Community

Radio Dispatchers
The Hub of Public Safety

911 Call Takers
The First Responders

San Jose Police Data Specialists
Managing Information

Community Service Officers
Serving the Public

Ride Along with CSO Bravo
Finder of Stolen Vehicles

Body Worn Cameras
Eyes on the Police and Public

Coffee with a Cop
Uniting Communities with the Police

Women in Law Enforcement Seminar

Crime Prevention
Together We Are Safer

The History and Future of the SJPD Field Training Program

Crisis Intervention Team
L.E. with Insight and Empathy

Fair and Impartial Policing
Acknowledging our Implicit Biases

Sports and Police Officers
Team Players for Life

The Bomb Squad
Defusing Explosive Situations

Crime Scene Investigators
Forensic Scientists Solving Crimes

San Jose Police Academy
Stepping into the Blue

San Jose Police Department

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