911 Call Taker


When a frantic parent calls 911 asking for help for their child that is not breathing … or, a robbery victim needs a officer and medical assistance ... it's the 911 Call Taker who its the first person the public speaks to. As a SJPD call taker, you obtain details of the incident and provide a compassionate, caring voice while help is en route.


If you are an empathic, quick-thinking person with a desire to help people and the ability to keep things in perspective, being a 911 Call Taker is the career for you. As Police Communications Manager, Joey McDonald, comments, “The job is so much more than ‘answering a phone.’” You are the first responder, working with modern computerized systems and a team dedicated to supporting each other. The flexible schedule accommodates your lifestyle needs, whether you have a family, go to school, or participate in organized activities.


Salary Range: $58,697.60 - $71,323.20



  • High school graduate, General Educational Development (GED) certificate or California Proficiency Certificate
  • One (1) year or 2080 hours of public contact experience
  • Police background check required



  • 4-day work week, 10 hours a day
  • Paid shift differential
  • Paid vacation and sick leave
  • Uniform allowance
  • Additional bilingual pay
  • Domestic partnership benefits
  • Federated Employees Retirement System


Make your SJPD career a reality

The 911 Call Taker application period varies and is set by the City of San José. Visit the CityJobs site for the City of San Jose and do a search on “911 Call Taker” or “SJPD Communications.”


San Jose Police Department

201 W. Mission Street

San Jose, CA 95110